Water  Walkers  GA   llc 

Welcome to Water Walkers GA

We Bring The "WOW" Factor To Your Event

Currently we offer 3 extremely entertaining events for your enjoyment....

Water Walkers, Dixie Reality Racing and Power Paddlers

We are very excited to kick off the 2014 season. See ya soon!

Water Walkers

A unique and safe alternative to the moon jumps and bounce houses. Water Walkers GA offers children and adults, the ability to walk on water without the fear of getting exposed to the water. Run into your unsuspecting friends and family members, knocking them off their feet and sending them down with a dry SPLASH! Our "Human Hamster Rollers" are 7 feet wide x 6 feet tall when fully inflated. They are open on both ends allowing air to circulate through the inflatable.  As many as 3 participants may ride together. Each roller has a 5oo lb weight capacity.  We are certain you will have a great time with our rollers.

Dixie Reality Racing

Behold the new face of mobile entertainment. Have you ever felt the need for speed? Perhaps you have wondered what it would be like crashing into cars with speeds proportional to real NASCAR drivers. Water Walkers GA is proud to introduce our newest attraction: Dixie Reality Racing; where you can fulfill all of your 4 wheeled fantasies. Listen to the crowd as you take the #1 position in the final turn to beat out your buddy and steal first place. Hold your breath as you come down the straight away 4 wide, dashing for the checkered flag. This event is great for all ages. We look forward to bringing you our newest event.

Power Paddlers


Our Power Paddlers offer a new and exciting way for kids to enjoy water fun. The Power Paddler is a high quality paddle boat designed for children 3 years old and up. Kids simply crank the handles to turn the paddle wheels and off they go…forward, backward…or 360 degrees around. The Power Paddler has a catamaran hull that makes it extremely stable and virtually unsinkable.

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